Salt Lake County Food Handlers

Restaurant and food establish workers handling food & beverages are required to obtain a food handler’s card. While a food handler’s card in Utah allows you to work in any county, you are advised to check with the country health department for additional information. The card is also referred as Food Handler’s Permit in Utah.Salt Lake County requires temporary and food events to attain food handler’s permits for its workers. Below contains local county information about Salt Lake County. Salt Lake County is the state capital of Utah with a population of 1,000,000. The county was founded back in 1850.


Food Handler’s Permit Information

  • All workers at a restaurant must get a permit
  • Testing and issuing of card costs $30.
  • Replacement card costs $15. To get a replacement card, contact 385-468-3845.
  • Valid food handler’s permit is good for 3 years.
  • Following classes are sanctioned by in Salt Lake County

Food Safety Manager Certification Information

  • At least 1 employee must be certified
  • Testing and issuing of card costs $15.
  • Courses are generally 8 hours. ServSafe  courses are accepted.
  • Risk level one establishments, day care facilities, health care facilities do NOT require to hire a food safety manager.


2001 South State Street S2-600
Salt Lake City, Utah 84190



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