Food Safety Fundamentals

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Providing Safe Food

Focus on common food borne illnesses all food handlers must become knowledgeable with in order to receive a food handler’s card and safely serve patrons without putting them in danger.

Forms of Contamination

Focus on various forms of contamination and potential consequences of these contaminations

How to be a Safe Food Handler

Understanding safe food handling practices will ensure you pass the the test and receive a food handler’s card

Flow of Food

Focus on handling raw ingredients from suppliers to safely storing until cooking for customers. 

Food Safety Management

Knowing the risks and correct food preparation processes will ensure you pass the the test and receive a food handler’s card.

Facility Sanitation & Pest Management

Focus on personal hygiene, facility design, supplier selection, sanitation and pest control, and food safety training

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Focus on personal hygiene, equipment maintenance, and food safety training for employees