Davis County Food Handlers

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 Davis County is named after Daniel Davis who was a captain in the historic Mormon Battalion. The County also is home to 306,000 residents. Davis County is mostly occupied by families who work in surrounding counties. While Hill Air Force base is the biggest employer in the county, Lagoon Amusement Park also employees a significant number of food workers.  This page illustrates information on how to obtain a food handlers card issues by the Davis County He
alth Department.


Food Handlers Permit Information

Restaurant and food establish workers handling food & beverages are required to obtain a food handler’s card. While a food handler’s card in Utah allows you to work in any county, you are advised to check with the country health department for additional information. The card is also referred as Food Handler Permit in Utah. Davis County requires temporary and food events to attain food handler’s permits for its workers. A good example would be the Davis County fair which draws in thousands of people each year. At least one person on site must hold a valid food handler pdavis county utah townscape with a mountain in the backgroundermit in order to operate legally. 

Davis County health department offers two options in obtaining a food handler’s card: Classroom and Online. Applicants are welcome to utilize either method. However, please note that each option has different restrictions as stated below. The office can replace a missing food handler permit for $10.


Classroom Food Handling Course

  • The course is offered in English and Spanish at different times. English course is offered the first Tuesday of the month at 9 AM and the third Thursday of the month at 3 PM. Spanish course is offered on the first Friday and third Friday of the month at 9 AM.

  • Fee will be $25 which includes the cost of the food handler’s card

Online Food Handling Course

  • Utah approved online training courses can be found here.
  • Upon completing the online course, food handlers can print a course completion certificate which can be used in lieu of the food handler permit.


22 South State Street 2nd Floor
Clearfield, Utah 84015


Phone: 801-525-5120



Davis County Health Department is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.


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