REMINDER: New Texas Food Handler’s Card Requirements in September 2016

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The Texas Department of State Health Services passed new regulations for Texas Food Handler’s Card Certification, also commonly referred Food Handler’s Permit,  as  back in October 2015. They came into effect on September 01, 2016 that requires all food service workers to become certified by passing an accredited training course. Food employees include all individuals who work with unpackaged food items, food equipment, utensils, or food contact surfaces. This covers employees from waiters, food busers, bartenders, hosts, and kitchen staff.

Supervisors who have passed an accredited Food Manager Certification exam are exempt from this new Food Worker Requirement. The Texas Department of State Health Services also exempt individuals who fall under these categories as long as they are supervised by certified food handlers or managers:

  • Individuals with an Intellectual Disability
  • Persons in a rehabilitation or correctional facility that work with food or food related items as part of their rehabilitation
  • Persons who aid in activities of daily living (ADLs) (such as but not limited to certified nurse assistants, nurses, etc.)
  • Persons who distribute pre-portioned food items in settings such as but not limited to classrooms, daycare, and similar facilities.
  • Volunteers, those individuals that work with food or food related items but are not employed by the food establishment

From The Texas Department of State Health Services

Texas is working on improving state-wide food safety regulations as previous requirements were on a local health department level. Food workers can now take any ANSI approved course online to fulfill this new requirement and obtain a food worker card. Our Texas Food Handler’s Card Certification page has been updated to reflect this change.