Wisconsin Food Safety

Wisconsin Food Safety Regulations

wisconsin state flagFood establishments must have at least one certified person on staff.


Food Manager Certification

Required. New food establishments must have a certified food manager within 6 months of opening. Employee must be registered for an accredited exam within the first 90 days of operating.

Once you have passed an exam, you must:

  1. Submit certificate of passed exam
  2. Pay $10 with check or money order to Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
  3. Submit a complete State of Wisconsin Food Manager Certification application


Food Handler Certification

Strongly suggested. Not mandatory.



Please contact your local health department for specific training regulations.


Certification Renewal

Food Manager- 5 years: Food Handler- 5 years.     

Food establishments with 5 or fewer food handlers can renew certification through a recertification course without taking an exam. To find more details, view Wisconsin’s Food Safety Requirement details.


Approved Courses

Prometric, ServSafe, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP), and 360 Training


Approved Options

Classroom, Online, or Pearson Testing Centers. Please check your local health department for the most up to date information.


Additional Resources

For additional information, visit Wisconsin Department of Health resources:

Food Handler’s Study Guide

Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Department of Health Services

Food Code