Marijuana Taxation in Arkansas

How Is Marijuana Taxed in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, marijuana is subject to a 4.5% retail excise tax, in addition to state and local sales taxes. The excise tax is imposed on the purchase price, which includes all applicable charges for preparation, wrapping, delivery, or any other charges made in connection with the sale of the marijuana. The proceeds of the tax are allocated to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division fund, which is used for drug prevention programs, the state Highway Fund and other public health and safety initiatives.

What Is The Tax Rate For Recreational Marijuana in Arkansas?

The tax rate for recreational marijuana in Arkansas is 5%.

Are Medical Marijuana Products Subject To Taxation in Arkansas?

Yes. All medical marijuana products sold in Arkansas are subject to the state’s 6.5% sales tax. Local cities and counties may also impose their own additional taxes on these products.

What Are The Specific Taxes Applied To Marijuana Sales in Arkansas?

The taxes applied to marijuana sales in Arkansas are a 4% privilege tax on all sales, a 2% municipal privilege tax, and an additional 4.45% local sales tax. The state also provides local governments with the option to apply an additional 2% local option tax.

Is There A Difference In Taxation Between Marijuana Flowers And Marijuana-Infused Products in Arkansas?

Yes. In Arkansas, marijuana flowers are subject to a 4% sales tax, whereas marijuana-infused products are subject to a 12% tax.

How Do Local Governments Participate In The Taxation Of Marijuana in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, local governments cannot directly tax marijuana businesses. However, they do have the ability to impose a local sales tax on marijuana products. This local sales tax is in addition to the applicable state sales tax and must be approved by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Additionally, cities and counties can require business permits or licenses for marijuana establishments, which may include an associated fee or cost.

Are There Additional Excise Taxes On Marijuana At The State Or Local Level in Arkansas?

Yes, there are additional excise taxes on marijuana in Arkansas. Retailers must pay an additional 3% tax on the wholesale price of the product, as well as an additional 7.5% tax on retail sales. Local governments may also impose a local excise tax on marijuana products.

What Is The Revenue Generated From Marijuana Taxation Used For in Arkansas?

Revenue from marijuana taxation in Arkansas is used to fund the Medical Marijuana Commission, the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, and the Department of Health. The funds are also used to assist in public awareness campaigns, drug use prevention and treatment services, and other public health programs. Additionally, the revenue is used to fund research into the medical uses of cannabis.

Are There Tax Exemptions Or Reductions For Medical Marijuana Patients in Arkansas?

No, there are no tax exemptions or reductions for medical marijuana patients in Arkansas.

Is There A Difference In Taxation For Homegrown Marijuana Versus Purchased Marijuana in Arkansas?

Yes, there is a difference in taxation for homegrown marijuana versus purchased marijuana in Arkansas. Homegrown marijuana is not subject to taxation in Arkansas, while purchased marijuana is subject to a 10% excise tax. This excise tax is paid by the cultivator or dispensary when the product is sold. The revenue from the excise tax goes toward the Medical Marijuana Commission’s administrative costs, as well as other programs related to medical marijuana.

What Is The Impact Of Marijuana Taxation On The Price Of Marijuana Products in Arkansas?

Marijuana taxation in Arkansas has had a significant impact on the price of marijuana products. When the state legalized medical marijuana in 2016, it imposed a 4.5% excise tax on medical marijuana products. In addition, general sales taxes of up to 6.5% may be assessed on marijuana purchases in some counties. This tax has led to an increase in marijuana prices throughout the state. In some cases, medical marijuana patients must pay up to double the price they paid before the taxes were implemented.

Are There Tax Incentives For Licensed Marijuana Businesses in Arkansas?

No, there are currently no tax incentives for licensed marijuana businesses in Arkansas.

How Do States Track And Collect Taxes On Marijuana Sales in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, the Department of Finance and Administration is responsible for tracking and collecting taxes on marijuana sales. The State requires businesses to register with the Department in order to obtain a tax permit. All businesses must report their marijuana sales to the Department on a monthly basis, and must remit all taxes due on the sales. The Department will then issue a tax certificate to the business confirming the amount of taxes collected. Businesses must also maintain records of all marijuana transactions for at least three years.

What Are The Penalties For Tax Evasion Or Non-Compliance By Marijuana Businesses in Arkansas?

The penalties for tax evasion or non-compliance by marijuana businesses in Arkansas are severe and are established and enforced by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). The following are the typical penalties associated with tax evasion or non-compliance:

1. Monetary penalty: The DFA may impose a fine of up to 5% of the total tax owed for each month or fraction of a month that the taxpayer is late in filing returns or paying taxes.

2. Interest: Interest is charged on any unpaid taxes at the rate of 1% per month or fraction of a month.

3. Criminal prosecution: In cases of tax evasion or fraud, the DFA may refer the case to the Arkansas State Police for criminal prosecution. Violations can result in up to five years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $25,000.

Is There A Tax On Marijuana Cultivation Or Production in Arkansas?

No, there is no taxes on marijuana cultivation or production in the state of Arkansas.

Are Marijuana Edibles And Infused Products Subject To Additional Taxes in Arkansas?

No, marijuana edibles and infused products are not subject to additional taxes in Arkansas. The Arkansas medical marijuana program is still in its infancy, so there are no additional taxes or fees imposed on cannabis products at this time.

What Is The Overall Economic Impact Of Marijuana Taxation in Arkansas?

The overall economic impact of marijuana taxation in Arkansas is still relatively unknown, as the state implemented a new medical marijuana program in February 2021. However, some estimates suggest that it could generate between $30 million and $50 million in annual sales tax revenue. This revenue would primarily be used for public education, healthcare programs, and infrastructure projects. Additionally, the marijuana industry could create thousands of new jobs and stimulate economic activity in communities across the state. Ultimately, the true economic impact of marijuana legalization in Arkansas will become more apparent over time.

How Does [State Name] Compare To Other States In Terms Of Marijuana Tax Rates And Revenue in Arkansas?

Marijuana tax rates and revenue in Arkansas are relatively low compared to other states. Arkansas currently has a 6.5% tax rate on medical marijuana sales. This rate is lower than the median rate for all other states that have legalized medical marijuana, which is approximately 10%. In addition, Arkansas’ legal marijuana market is relatively small and new, so the state has not seen a significant amount of revenue from marijuana taxes. For example, in 2019, Arkansas collected approximately $1.7 million in medical marijuana taxes. This amount is significantly lower than the $1.02 billion that California collected from its marijuana taxes in the same year.

Is There A Cap On The Total Tax Revenue That Can Be Collected From Marijuana Sales in Arkansas?

No, there is no cap on the total tax revenue that can be collected from marijuana sales in Arkansas. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016 imposed a 4.5% tax on the sale of medical marijuana and established a Medical Marijuana Commission to regulate the industry. However, it did not place a limit on the total amount of taxes that can be collected.

Where Can I Find Detailed Information About Marijuana Taxation Laws And Regulations in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration provides detailed information about marijuana taxation laws and regulations in Arkansas. This information can be found on their website at Additionally, the website of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture includes information about medical marijuana laws and regulations in the state at