Marijuana Home Cultivation Regulations in Hawaii

Is Home Cultivation Of Marijuana Legal in Hawaii?

No, home cultivation of marijuana is not legal in Hawaii. It is a crime to produce, cultivate, possess, or transport marijuana in Hawaii. The only legal way to purchase marijuana in Hawaii is to obtain it from a licensed dispensary.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Marijuana Plants Allowed For Personal Cultivation in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, the maximum number of marijuana plants allowed for personal cultivation is three mature plants, four immature plants, and an unlimited number of seedlings.

Are There Restrictions On The Growth Stages Of Marijuana Plants (E.G., Vegetative Vs. Flowering) in Hawaii?

Yes, there are restrictions on the growth stages of marijuana plants in Hawaii. It is illegal to cultivate marijuana plants in the vegetative stage or in the flowering stage. Only mature plants in the fruiting/harvesting stage may be grown in Hawaii.

Do Home Cultivators Need To Obtain A License Or Permit To Grow Marijuana in Hawaii?

Yes, home cultivators in Hawaii must obtain a medical marijuana card and register with the Hawaii Department of Health in order to legally grow cannabis. In addition, all medical marijuana patients are governed by the same regulations as commercial businesses, including labeling and packaging regulations, security requirements, and reporting compliance.

Are There Residency Requirements For Those Who Wish To Cultivate Marijuana At Home in Hawaii?

Yes. In Hawaii, you must be a permanent resident of the state for at least five years to be eligible to cultivate marijuana at home. Furthermore, you must be 21 years or older, and may only cultivate up to seven plants at a time. Additionally, the plants must be grown in an enclosed, locked space and cannot be visible from a public place.

What Are The Location And Zoning Restrictions For Home Cultivation in Hawaii?

The location and zoning restrictions for home cultivation in Hawaii are that home cultivation must take place in a secure, enclosed, and locked area not visible from public view. Home cultivation is also prohibited on any property zoned as residential. Home cultivation is only allowed on properties zoned as agricultural. Property owners must also obtain a special permit to cultivate cannabis.

Is It Legal To Share Or Gift Homegrown Marijuana With Others in Hawaii?

No, it is not legal to share or gift homegrown marijuana with others in Hawaii. Possession of marijuana is illegal in Hawaii, regardless of whether the marijuana is homegrown or obtained elsewhere. Additionally, the sale of marijuana is illegal.

Are There Limitations On The Amount Of Marijuana That Can Be Harvested And Stored in Hawaii?

Yes, there are limits on the amount of marijuana that can be harvested and stored in Hawaii. According to the Hawaii Department of Health, individuals with a valid Medical Marijuana Digital Card may possess no more than four ounces of usable cannabis at any one time. Additionally, cardholders may not cultivate more than seven plants, and licensed dispensaries are limited to producing an aggregate amount of no more than three thousand plants.

Do State Laws Differentiate Between Medical And Recreational Home Cultivation in Hawaii?

Yes, state law differentiates between medical and recreational home cultivation in Hawaii. Under state law, medical cannabis patients may grow up to seven plants, of which no more than three may be mature and flowering at any given time. For recreational cannabis, growing marijuana at home is prohibited. Patients must get their medicine from a medical cannabis dispensary.

Are There Restrictions On The Use Of Hydroponic Or Aeroponic Systems For Cultivation in Hawaii?

Yes, there are restrictions. The state of Hawaii regulates hydroponic or aeroponic systems for cultivation and requires growers to obtain a permit from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Additionally, only certain types of plants and crops are allowed to be grown in hydroponic or aeroponic systems. Furthermore, inspections by the department are required to ensure compliance with state regulations.

Can Landlords Or Property Owners Prohibit Home Cultivation On Their Properties in Hawaii?

Yes, landlords and property owners in Hawaii can prohibit home cultivation on their properties. However, they must provide written notification of such a prohibition to tenants upon rental or lease of the property and must include wording that explicitly prohibits home cultivation. As of 2020, the medical marijuana law in Hawaii specifically states that medical marijuana users cannot possess, cultivate, transport, or use marijuana on any property owned or controlled by any landlord, unless the landlord allows it.

Are There Regulations Regarding Security Measures For Home Cultivation Sites in Hawaii?

Yes, Hawaii has regulations regarding security measures for home cultivation sites. The state’s medical cannabis laws specify that all licensed dispensaries must have appropriate security measures in place including, but not limited to, cameras, alarms, and/or security staff on duty. Additionally, the dispensary must be located in a secure location that is inaccessible to the general public. Home cultivation sites must likewise have appropriate security measures in place such as cameras, alarms, and/or security staff on duty. Additionally, the home cultivation site must be located in an enclosed and secure location that is inaccessible to the general public.

How Are Home Cultivators Required To Label And Store Their Harvested Marijuana in Hawaii?

Home cultivators in Hawaii are required to label and store their harvested marijuana in a secure, locked location that is not accessible to individuals under the age of 21. The labeling requirements for harvested products require growers to affix labels that include the following information: the strain name, weight, harvest date, and a warning statement indicating that the product is not for sale to individuals under the age of 21. Additionally, growers must ensure that all marijuana products are stored in sealed, child-resistant packaging.

Do State Laws Allow For Outdoor Cultivation, And If So, What Are The Regulations in Hawaii?

Yes, state laws in Hawaii allow for outdoor cultivation of marijuana. The Hawaii Department of Health regulates the cultivation of marijuana for medical use, and the Hawaii Department of Taxation regulates the cultivation of marijuana for adult-use. Regulations specifically related to outdoor cultivation include:

• All medical marijuana must be grown in a locked and enclosed structure such as a greenhouse or other permanent structure.

• Cultivation cannot occur in residential areas and must be located at least 750 feet from any public school, public park, or residence.

• All growers must obtain a permit from the Department of Taxation before they are allowed to cultivate marijuana.

• Growers must ensure that their cultivation sites are secure, with fences, locked gates and other security measures in place. They must also adhere to waste management and environmental regulations set by the Department of Health.

Are There Age Restrictions For Individuals Involved In Home Cultivation in Hawaii?

Yes, there are age restrictions for individuals involved in home cultivation in Hawaii. Individuals must be at least 21 years old and must possess a valid government-issued photo identification to engage in home cultivation.

What Is The Penalty For Violating Home Cultivation Regulations in Hawaii?

The penalties for violating home cultivation regulations in Hawaii vary depending on the amount of plants found. For cultivation of less than 25 plants, the penalty is a misdemeanor charge and up to a year in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000. If more than 25 plants are found, the penalty increases to a felony charge and up to five years in jail and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

Do State Regulations Address The Sale Or Exchange Of Homegrown Marijuana in Hawaii?

No, state regulations in Hawaii do not address the sale or exchange of homegrown marijuana. Growing, possessing, and consuming marijuana for medical or recreational purposes is still illegal in Hawaii.

Is It Legal To Make Concentrates Or Edibles Using Homegrown Marijuana in Hawaii?

No, it is not legal to make concentrates or edibles using homegrown marijuana in Hawaii. The state of Hawaii has strict laws against the possession, sale, and cultivation of marijuana. It is illegal to possess or cultivate more than three grams of marijuana, as well as to manufacture, transport, or sell any form of cannabis or marijuana-infused products.

Are There Restrictions On The Possession Of Marijuana Plants Or Products In Public Places in Hawaii?

Yes, there are restrictions on the possession of marijuana plants or products in public places in Hawaii. It is illegal to possess, use, or transport any amount of marijuana in public places, including on public roads and highways, in public parks, on school grounds, and in businesses that are open to the public. The only exception is if a person has a valid medical marijuana card, they may possess and transport up to four ounces of usable marijuana.

How Can Individuals Access Resources And Guidance On Complying With Home Cultivation Regulations in Hawaii?

Individuals in Hawaii looking for resources and guidance on complying with home cultivation regulations can visit the Hawaii Department of Health’s website for information. They can also contact the DOH’s Plant Quarantine Branch for additional information and assistance. Additionally, contact your local county or city government for specific ordinances and regulations. Finally, medical marijuana dispensaries or other licensed medical marijuana businesses may provide advice on complying with home cultivation regulations.