Food Truck Requirements in Louisiana

Can You Sell Food and Beverage out of a Truck in Louisiana?

Yes, you can sell food and beverage out of a truck in Louisiana. However, you must obtain a mobile food unit permit from the state and comply with all of the applicable regulations.

What is the Food Truck Law in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, a food truck must operate under a Temporary Food Establishment Permit issued by the local health department. This permit is valid for up to 30 days and allows the food truck to operate in a specific location. All food truck owners are required to comply with all applicable state and local health codes and regulations. Additionally, a food truck must have adequate public liability insurance and meet other requirements set forth by the local governing authority.

What is Required on a Food Label for Food Truck Food in Louisiana?

All foods sold from food trucks in Louisiana must include a label with the following information:
* The name and address of the business.
* A list of ingredients and allergens contained in the food.
* The net weight or volume of the food.
* The name and address of the manufacturer, if applicable.
* The name of any artificial coloring or flavoring used.
* The name of any preservatives used.
* An expiration date, if applicable.
* If the food contains meat or poultry, a statement that it has been inspected and passed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
* A warning label if the food contains any known allergens (such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, and soy).
* Any other information required by state or federal regulations.

Are Foods Sold out of a Food Truck Taxable in Louisiana?

Yes, food sold from a food truck in Louisiana is taxable. Louisiana requires food trucks to register their business with the state and collect and remit sales tax on taxable items that they sell.

What Permits do You Need for a Food Truck in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, any business that prepares and/or sells food must register with the Louisiana Department of Health. A mobile food unit must submit a Mobile Food Unit Application, which can be found on the Louisiana Department of Health’s website. Additionally, mobile food vendors must obtain a temporary food service permit from the local Parish or City Health Unit. The permit application varies by parish/city and can be found on the local health unit’s websites. Additional permits, such as Sales Tax Permit, may be needed depending on the type of goods being sold.

Do You Need a Vehicle Inspection for Food Trucks in Louisiana?

Yes, vehicle inspections are required for food trucks in Louisiana. All food truck vendors must have their vehicle inspected by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals in order to operate legally. This includes checking all proper equipment, appropriate temperatures, and electricity.

Do You Need to Establish a Business Entity to Sell Food out of a Food Truck in Louisiana?

Yes, if you plan to sell food out of a food truck in Louisiana you would need to establish a business entity. The type of business entity required will depend on the structure of your business. Some common options include setting up a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation.

Can Food Trucks Serve Alcohol in Louisiana?

No, food trucks in Louisiana may not serve alcohol.

Do I Need a Fire Suppression System in My Food Truck in ?Louisiana?

Yes, a fire suppression system is required for food trucks in Louisiana. Louisiana health code requires food service establishments (including mobile food trucks) to have a UL300 listed (or better) fire suppression system in the cooking area. Each fire suppression system must be serviced every 6 months.

Does a Food Truck Need a Food Handlers License in Louisiana?

Yes, food truck operators in Louisiana must have a valid food handlers license. The license is obtained through the local health department and is valid for three years.

How Much does it Cost to Obtain a Food Safety License or Certification in Louisiana?

The cost of obtaining a food safety license or certification in Louisiana varies by the type of license or certification you need and the organization providing the license or certification. For example, a state-issued ServSafe Food Handler certificate from the Louisiana Department of Health costs $15. A ServSafe Alcohol certification from the National Restaurant Association costs $20.

How Much does it Cost to Start a Food Truck in Louisiana?

The cost to start a food truck in Louisiana will vary depending on the type of food truck you would like to open, the size of the truck, and the equipment you choose to purchase. Generally, the cost of starting a food truck in Louisiana can range from $15,000 to $100,000.

Who Regulates Food Safety in Louisiana?

Food safety in Louisiana is regulated by the Louisiana Department of Health.

How Long Does a Food Handlers License Last in Louisiana?

A Louisiana Food Handlers License does not expire; however, food handlers must complete an approved food safety training course every three years in order to remain in compliance with Louisiana state regulations.

What are the Penalties for Selling Food without a Permit in Louisiana?

The penalties for selling food without a permit in Louisiana vary depending on the situation and the county or municipality in which the violation occurred. Generally, violations can result in fines, suspension or revocation of a business license, and/or criminal prosecution. Additionally, local health departments may issue warnings, require additional training, or impose additional restrictions on a business.