Alaska Food Safety

Alaska Food Safety Regulations

alaska state flagAt least one Food Manager must be onsite. All Food Handlers required to have Food Handler Card. 


Food Manager Certification

Food Managers are called Certified Food Protection Managers and must pass one of the three approved exams.


Food Handler Certification

All food handlers must obtain food handler certifications before working at food establishments. Anchorage does not require a Certified Food Safety Manager if you are not considered Type 2 and Type 3 risk. 



Cost of training and exams range between $75-$299.


Certification Renewal

Food Manager – 3 years; Food Handler- 3 years for Anchorage. The State of Alaska does not have a renewal requirement.


Approved Courses

Courses are available in person and online through the Health Department and can be found hereTraining courses vary in duration between 4-12 hours. Tests are typically no longer than 2 hoursFood Worker Card training and exam are available only through the Division of Environmental health.


Approved Options

Classroom or online. Please check your local health department for the most up to date information.


Special Notes and Exceptions

Anchorage requires Food Handler training within 30 days of hire. Alaska State administered training only.


Additional Resources

For additional information, visit Alaska Department of Health resources:

Food Handler’s Study Guide

Food Safety & Sanitation Program

Alaska Food Code